Our Services

Full Stack Audit

We will do an extensive audit of your application and infrastucture.

We'll deliver a comprehensive report detailling config changes and the next steps to fix the bottlenecks we've identified. With this report in hand, you'll have confidence into what your application can do and what needs to be done.

Pricing starts at $6,000 with a turnaround time of 2 weeks

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We will mentor your team.

Creating an optimized and scalable application necessitates a different way of doing things. With our help, your team will be able to think about the impact of any changes and will have a clear understanding of the different parts of your stack.

Pricing starts at $10,000 per 3 days workshop plus travelling expenses

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Emergency Ops

We will assist you immediately with your most urgent issues

We'll dive right in and help your team diagnose and resolve the issues at end. Not only will we help determine the root causes but we will also provide recommendations to avoid such problems in the future.

Pricing starts at $9,000 for our immediate attention

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Our Skills

  • Full-stack performance benchmark
  • Downtime/Outage Investigation
  • Database (Mysql and Postgres) tuning for your specific use case
  • ActiveRecord, Bookshelf and Waterline tuning
  • Code profiling and micro-benchmarks
  • Infrastructure audit and advice
  • Server Configuration and scripting
  • Amazon AWS advice and guidance
  • AWS Opsworks setup
  • Creation of a caching strategy tailored for your business
  • Nginx optimization and custom modules creation
  • Varnish tuning and set up